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Astrology is both and art and science and that's because it embraces all that is meaningful to us in life, love relationships, career and wealth.. As a science astrology is based on the study of the planets and the stars and how they can affect our very being, our dispositions and our destiny.

The link between our character traits, our behaviour and our fortunes with that of the planetary positions at the time of our birth, have long been documented and studied. And the relationship between the heavenly bodies and our individual identities has long been recognised as significant, in terms of specific events and their outcomes.

Astrology - A Brief History...

Astrology has been both studied and used for thousands of years, in both the Western and Eastern hemispheres of the globe. Although believed to have originated in China, the earliest documented records of astrology date back to 1645 BC in Babylon, which at the time was better known as Babylonia. Babylonia was the capital of a small city within the sate of Mesopotamia, which was situated in Iraq, and located alongside the Eastern bank of the Euphrates river.

Other cultures and civilisations can also claim to have ancient records of the practice of astrology including Egypt, Greece, Rome, China and India. In the Western world astrology was brought to the fore by some famous historical celebrities such as Galileo and Copernicus, who were both practicing astrologers and founders of the modern scientific movement, which at the time was a combination of both astrology and astronomy.

Around 300 BC the basics of Babylonian astrology was interlinked with Egyptian astrology, which gave us the first glimpse into Horoscopic astrology. This was based on the traditional Babylonian zodiac system, with the Egyptian concept of dividing the zodiac into thirty-six decans of ten degrees each. It also included some influence from the Greek system, which accounted for the planetary gods.

The most important influential character of the time was Claudius Ptolemy, a respected astrologer and astronomer, who lived in Alexandria in Egypt and was attributed as the author of the "Tetrabiblos". This was a four part text based on the philosophy of astrology and is said to form the basis for all Western astrological traditions.

Today, astrology has lost some of its association with astronomy but has emerged as a science in its own right. With ancient influences from both East and West we now have a modern form of astrology, which is recognised and well represented all around the world.

There are still a few distinct minor cultural differences, mainly concerned with the interpretation aspects of modern astrology, but as a whole the art of interpretation combined with the science of cosmology are universally accepted.

Indian Vedic Astrology...


Vedic astrology is also known as Hindu astrology and is based on the Sanskrit interpretation of Jyotish, which means "light or heavenly body". This is recognised as the study of both astrology and astronomy.

The links between astronomy and astrology are intrinsic and the Hindu language has

specific words that relate to specific aspects of the science.

For example, Siddhanta is the term used to describe the discipline relating to astronomy and Samhita is the term used to describe the mundane aspect of astrology. This is concerned with the prediction of world events such as earthquakes or major political events.

Other terms associated with astrology are Vastu Sastra, which is concerned with design and construction in relation to natural forces, and Hora, which is a branch of traditional astrology concerned with the finer points relating to predictions. The term Vedas is concerned with the Vedic scriptures, which date back more than 6000 years.

The Vedas are the most important and sacred texts in Indian literature and contain spiritual teachings, philosophies and laws by which the Hindu people live their lives. The Vedas offer religious direction and wisdom, and the teachings have been passed down through the generations over many centuries, and will continue to do so for many generations to come.

Vedic astrology plays a very important part in the lives of Hindu people and originates from within the Vedas, which forms a large compilation of ancient Indian scriptures. Indian philosophy often cites the Vedas as the only orthodox scriptural authority. Religion and the general way of life of all typical Hindu people are integrated into the teachings and values of Vedic astrology.

Important decisions pertaining to marriage, business, family and moving home are legitimate reasons to consult with an experienced Vedic Astrologer, who is considered an authority and will offer advice and guidance in these matters. The Indian Vedic Astrologer is a trusted figure and will also be consulted on more personal issues relating to love, sex and relationship problems.

Astrological Readings...

An astrological reading will consist of the creation of charts specifically pertaining to you, and which are based on your birth time and date. These readings offer personal guidance and insight and can only be performed by someone who is an experienced Vedic astrologer.

I have been studying and practising astrology and spiritual healing since I was a boy. My father was also a practising astrologer, and his father also. My methods are traditional and I always offer true and accurate readings for those who consult me. You can find out more about me here.

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